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EMOKT aims at providing quality chicken meat to consumers and providing other corporations with services to enhance their business aspects.




Ensuring year-round supply of quality chicken meat, EMOKT owns and operates semi-automated chicken sheds. From acquiring healthy chicks to achieving the healthiest growth rates, we ensure providing quality meat.

The next best thing to organic chicken?​

  • Hormone Free

  • Vegetarian Fed

  • Cage Free

  • Halal


Broiler Management / Consultation

EMOKT can manage your broilers operations or we can provide consultation in order for you to enhance your operations.

Livestock Management / Consultation

Experienced in livestock, we can run your business for you, provide consultation or embark on the project together.

Export Assistance

Licensed for exporting, EMOKT can assist or join together in exporting ventures.

Agriculture Management / Consultation

Whether you would like to enhance your agriculture production or would like to have it managed for you, EMOKT can provide both management and consultation for your agriculture operations.

Travel Management Consultation

EMOKT can provide our customers a wide range of travel management consultation. Such services include:

  • Travel Agencies Restructuring

  • Expansion Assistance

  • Increase Profitability Assistance

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