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Ensuring year-round supply of healthy chickens, EMOKT owns and operates semi-automated chicken sheds. From acquiring healthy chicks to achieving the healthiest growth rates, we ensure providing quality meat.

We adopt an organized bio-secure program to maintain a healthy raising environment. This is initiated prior to the chicks' arrival to ensure a clean environment for the complete chicken growth cycle.

This is achieved through our highly-qualified team of agriculture and veterinary professionals.

White chicken

The chickens are white feathered.

Hormone Free

No hormones or steroids were used in the rearing of our chickens.

Vegetarian Fed

No animal byproducts included in the feed.

cage free - Copy.png

Cage Free

Chickens are not reared in cages. 


Broilers are slaughtered according to Islamic Rite.

Animal Welfare

We treat our chickens as humanely as possible, from the day we receive them as chicks to the day they reach our consumers. We adhere to the world wide standards when it comes to their accommodation. We do not stagger them as much as possible purely for profit, instead, we give them space to frolick around and get comfortable. We make sure to provide some night time for them to sleep and have their quiet time. At the end of the day, this is a business, but every life deserves to be treated humanely.

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